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Web Integration


PayUbiz allows you to collect payments in your website in two flexible payment options, namely Hosted Page and Embedded form.

Hosted Page: Customer is redirected from your website to PayUbiz payment page, to select payment option and enter card details.

Embedded Form: Customer remains on your website to enter payment details, and is directly redirected to bank’s page.

Hosted page


PCI-DSS compliances:  PCI-DSS certification not required for this integration.

Ease of integration: Very easy to integrate as you don’t have to design your payment page. Also, you have fewer parameters to collect and send us.

Customization: Hosted Page integration offers a standard UI and is not customizable.

Click here to accept payments in your website using hosted page.

Embedded Form


PCI-DSS compliances: Full PCI-DSS certification is required for this integration as all the card details are collected on your page.

Ease of integration: This integration requires effort as you have to design your own payment page and have to send some extra parameters for payment.

Customization: Since, the entire payment page is designed by you, it is completely customizable.

Success rates: We observe higher success rates for Embedded form due to one less step to accept payments

Click here to accept payments in your website using Embedded form.

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