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Our refund feature allows you to initiate refunds back to customers for any of the disputed transactions. To fire refunds, all you need to do is use the merchant panel or in case of Bulk refunds, you may use our web service API as well.

Here, you’ll find more information on how to initiate refunds and track the status of a refund fired.


  1. Merchant Panel login credentials


  1. Test key and salt
  2. Live key and salt.

Steps Involved


  1. Refund a transaction.
  2. Check refund status.

Initiate a refund


Partial/full refund can be triggered in two ways

  1. Using merchant Panel
  2. Using web service API

Using web service API


You can also initiate refund by firing an API request.


In order to call verify_payment API, following parameters need to be sent

Environment URL
Test (to receive response in array format) (to receive response in json format)


Parameter Description Sample value
key Your key provided by payu  JBiPgT
command Name of web service call  verify_payment
hash Security parameter— SHA512(key|command|var1|salt)
var1 mihpayid=PayU Id generated for transaction at our end, which is provided to you in the response.  2345654321
var2 tokenid=Reference id generated at your end for each refund transaction.  876786567
var3 amount=The amount that you want to refund back to a customer.  10.00