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Hosted Page


Our hosted page solution is  where you don’t have to worry about building your own payment page  or certifying with PCI-DSS.  All you need to do is just post mandatory  parameters to PayU server to initiate a payment.  It opens PayUbiz Payment page where customers are able to  choose from a variety of payment options and complete the transaction. Our robust and dynamic switching algorithm and our cutting edge technology ensures that we provide industry’s best success rates.

In this page you will find all the  information on what parameters need to be posted, how to post the parameters and how to handle response.


  • Test Key and salt for test environment (For Testing) [ Test Key : gtKFFx ,  Test Salt : eCwWELxi ]
  • Live Key and salt for production environment (For Going Live) [ This will be shared with you post merchant on-boarding ]

How it works?

  • You make a HTTP POST request  with mandatory parameters to PayU server.
  • Once POST request hits  PayU server, customer will be directed to PayU Payment Page
  • Customer selects the payment option and fills the payment details
  • Customer is directed to Issuer’s Bank for cardholder authentication and payment authorization
  • Depending on the status of the transaction, customer is directed to surl/furl (success URL, failure URL) and merchant can get response via POST on the registered surl/furl links configured in the dashboard

Making a HTTP POST request

To get started,  make an HTTP POST request on test URL with the following mandatory parameters:

Test URL
Parameters Description Data type Character Limit Example
key Unique key provided by PayU varchar  20 characters C0Ds8q
txnid Transaction id/ reference id generated at your end varchar 25 characters fd3e847h2
amount Amount payable by customer float, double
2 digits after decimal 10.00
productinfo Small description of product varchar 100 characters tshirt100
firstname First name of the customer varchar 60 characters Ankit
email Email id of the customer varchar 50
phone Phone number of thecustomer varchar 50 (numeric) 9999999999
surl Redirect URL (to your site) in case of a successful transaction  HTTP URL  mediumtext
furl Redirect URL (to your site) in case of a failed transaction  HTTP URL  mediumtext
HASH Security parameter to avoid tampering. Refer HASH  SHA512  varchar(256)

Apart from these parameters, , there are various optional parameters which you may post in the payment request as per your need,

You would need to send all the mentioned parameters in the format as mentioned below.

Code Snippets for Initial POST request

Redirection to PayUbiz payment page

In order to redirect a customer  to payubiz payment page,  fill payment details, and redirect to issuer bank’s page, you are required to  integrate  given code as is.



Response to POST Request

In the payment response, you will receive following additional parameters in addition to the parameters posted to PayUbiz earlier

Parameter Description Example
mihpayid Unique reference no. created at PayUbiz’s end for each transaction.  5862483893
mode Payment category by which the transaction was completed/ attempted. Check out the entire list.  CC/DC/NB/


status Status of transaction captured/bounced
reverse hash Security parameter to avoid tampering  
error For a failed transaction, this parameter provides the reason for failure.  Authentication failed.Transaction cannot be authorized
bankcode The payment option used for transaction. AXIB, ICIB
PG_TYPE Gives the information of payment gateway used for transaction.  HDFCPG/SBIDI/INDUSPG
bank_ref_num For a successful transaction, this will give you the bank reference number generated at bank’s end   116646101
unmapped_status This gives the status of transaction as per payu’s internal database.  captured/bounced

Go Live

In order to transact in the live environment, you need to make the following changes to the integration we did above.

You will have to make the POST request to the following production URL:


Still have questions?

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