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Developer Guides

Our guides have been designed with bare necessities, giving you a quick and clean approach to get you up and running. Majorly it has been divided into three sections with each section providing a different set of solutions.

The categories in which the guides have been divided are as follows

Getting started


This section helps you familiarize yourself with the fundamental components of our APIs that lets you accept payments in your app or your website. Learn more

Customer experience


This section cover all those features that we provide to make the payment experience a breeze for the customers. In order to integrate features like store card, one tap to provide an easy payment experience to your customers, Click here

Merchant tools


This section covers all the APIs and features that would be relevant to you as a merchant. In order to know how to improve your success rates even further or to initiate the refund process. Click here

Still have questions?


Our support team will be more than happy to help you out. You can reach out to them at