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Email Payments



The solution supports sending a payment link to a customer. All you need to do is just fire a request through merchant panel or call an API.

Here you’ll find more information on how to initiate a transaction to collect payments via e-mail.


  1. Your merchant panel login credentials.


  1. Test key and salt.
  2. Live Key and salt.

Steps Involved


  1. Initiating transaction using Merchant Panel.
  2. Initiating transaction using API.

Initiating transaction via API


In order to collect payments through a link you need to call an API (create_invoice).  Email invoice can be send to the customer immediately or can be scheduled to send later.

In order to make this API call, you need to send us the following parameters:

Environment URL
Test (to receive response in array format) (to receive response in json format)



Parameter Description                Sample value
key Your key provided by payu  JBiPgT
command Name of web service call  create_invoice
hash Security parameter  Formula to calculate HASH: SHA512(key|command|var1|salt)
var 1 JSON string {“amount”:”10″,”txnid”:”abc3332″,”productinfo”:”jnvjrenv”,”firstname”:”test”,”email”:””,”phone”:”1234567890″




Here, the input var1 parameter has to be generated in the JSON string format mentioned in the sample value string above. This string shows each parameter and its corresponding value separated by the delimiter colon (:). The parameters are also separated by the comma delimiter (,).

Following is the description of the parameters in the above mentioned string:

Parameter Description
amount Payment amount
txnid Reference id/ transaction id generated at your end.
productinfo Product description
firstname Customer’s First Name
email Customer’s Email
phone Customer’s Phone Number

Initiating transaction via Merchant Panel


  1. Go to URL
  2. Login to merchant Panel.
  3. On the landing page, you will find an option “New email invoice”.
  4. Fill in the mentioned details.