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Apps Integration

You can accept payments in your mobile apps using either of the two options that PayUbiz provides :-

a) PayUbiz provides a SDK for you to integrate with your mobile app

b) You may choose to use it with your own payment page UI or you might use the UI that is provided by PayUbiz

Standard UI- Also known as the SDKUI is the payment UI we provide, which you might use to collect payment details from your users

Custom UI- Here, you design your own payment UI, to collect details of paymentdetails of your user

Standard UI


PCI-DSS compliance: PCI-DSS compliances is not required as the sensitive card information does not hit your server.

Ease of integration: Easy integration as you don’t collect card details on your page and hence lesser parameters to send and less API calls.

Customization: The UI offered is standard and allows very little room for customization.

Click here to accept payments using standard UI in your apps.

Custom UI


PCI-DSS compliances: Does not apply.

Ease of integration:Requires designing and implementing a User Interface.

Customization: Since, the entire payment page UI is designed at your end. It can be completely customized.

Click here to accept payments using custom UI in your apps.

Success rates: Since, no extra redirection is coming in place for any of these integration, success rates are found to be similar for both the solutions.

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